Thursday, October 21, 2010


Took a short test ride on a Surly Pugsley this afternoon at Milltown Cycles.  One almost has to ride one to appreciate one.  It is an odd looking beast but rides like something else altogether.  Design engineering is very well thought out, the options for wheel set-up  (front wheel could be set up as a single gear allowing you to change out in a bind).  It looks like it would be a ton of steel to move but geometry and set-up proves differently.  Peddles easily, handles extremely well, very responsive.  Found myself being drawn towards every rut and obstruction on the street.  One would have to get used to the tire noise when on pavement but then it really wasn't designed for hard surfaces.  Low pressure tires almost feel like you are on a full suspension bike.  Really a fun bike!  I would think about one if I had more time for off off road riding.  Imagine it would be fun in the snow.  Milltown has two in complete and ready to go out the door.  Highly recommend at least stopping by and giving it a good look.

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