Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Steel

She is beautiful!  Very clean, straight forward and simple.  Took a first distance ride on Sakatah trail from Elysian to Madison Lake and back (35KM).  Rode smoother than the Sirrus and extremely quiet.  Still running on freewheel. took about 1:10 to do the loop.  Need to do some seat adjusting, lower just a hair and tilt forward a tad more.  Also thinking I will raise the bars one of the spacers currently above the stem.
Got a fantastic little, well not so little gift from Ben at Milltown when I picked up the Steamroller.  Got a bike carrier for the Big Dummy!  Thanks BEN!
Going to be a tough choice now which bike to ride. Really don't have any desire to ride the Specialized, thought it was the cats meow for over a year but since I got the Dummy and now the Steamroller, well there really is something about steel!
Over 800KM this month!

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