Friday, October 22, 2010


The new glasses finally got here.  It took a little while this time but I still stand by Shuron LTD, (  One of the few things still made in the USA and the only optical frame company.  Tried once again to get Northfield Optical to order the frames for me but they refused to cooperate once again.  As I did last time I contacted Shuron for Northfield Optical to ensure that they would receive the frame at wholesale and be covered by warranty, bah blah, blah.  The bottom line for Northfield Optical was their profit margin on a $5.00, Chinese made frame is much better than on a $75.00 American made frame.
Shuron is fantastic to work with.  Call them up, tell them basically what you want from their on-line store.  They will (with a credit card number for one frame) send out frames in multiple sizes for you to try for fit.  You decide which one.  I have been having them do the glass work so I just call them after make frame choice and package up the test frames and send them back and the new looks show up in the mail!  Up yours Northfield optical!  Shuron staff is great on the phone, very courteous and they never try and tell me I don't want cable wrap temples (I can't understand these optical shops that do that, they either have never done any manual labor or they are too f-ing lazy to order cable wraps).  The stand behind their warranty, no questions asked.  Broke a couple bows on my last pair and they were covered.
  Didn't get the Serial Killer style this time, went back to the old jim.  Round, gold wire rims.

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