Sunday, October 17, 2010


  Rice County 1 between I-35 and Dundas was finally open for traffic on Saturday morning.  Great ride in from Millersburg for Saturday coffee at Blue Monday with the "boys".  Noticed on the return trip that the ditches are all nicely groomed and seeded, already for the ATV/Snowmobile crew to tear-up.  This portion of County 1 is nicely paved, six foot paved shoulders, seems they flattened out some of the climbs.  Curves are nice and gentle.  Approx. 1K west of Dundas there is a curb and gutter installed, it is a bit confusing in the dark, the shoulder suddenly narrows 18".  Rides fairly fast.  Hope t holds up, it will make for a nice commute to and from Northfield.
  Was in the south Metro this morning.  Stopped at a couple of the bigger (chain) bike shops just to look around.  It proved to be a repeat lesson how nice it is to have small local shops that are willing to help one decide on products rather than telling you what you want.  Thanks Ben and Curt, I appreciate your knowledge and demeanor, you might not have everything in the world on the shelf but you are not out there pushing goods I don't need.

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